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  • Cabinets are one of those items you can’t miss in your home. The make of these cabinets depends on the taste of every one of us because we all have different tastes. Let’s compare Lacquer and Acrylic Cabinets as they are common.

    Lacquer vs. Acrylic Cabinets

    Lacquer Cabinet

    Lacquer isn’t as durable as Acrylic. However, it compensates for its absence of sheer impact resistance on cabinets with its more unpretentious sheen and its flexibility – it is a comparatively simple finish to repair. While you can discover brushable lacquer in most paint outlets, you’ll get the best finish by spraying. For this, you’ll require air spray equipment, and have it sufficiently bright, all around ventilated place to utilize it, because lacquer is flammable and toxic. This implies, to get the best lacquer finish, you ought to splash the cabinets before you introduce them.

    Refinishing cabinets is a major ordeal because such a variety of individuals need cabinets. A few companies choose the best arrangement is putting more lacquer on your cabinets. Of course, the lacquer industry has made considerable progress. Presently the pattern is to utilize water-borne lacquer with an impetus hardener. It comes in colors and also clear. What’s more, it can be tinted dim to give you a chance to keep the wood grain yet make your cabinets seem to have a walnut or darker stain.

    Acrylic Cabinet

    Acrylic is a non-poisonous, reflective polished finish which can give cabinets a smooth appearance. It is accessible in an extensive variety of colors and will give a mirror-like semblance to your kitchen cabinets.

    It may stand up better to dampness. However, the huge issue is that it dries brittle. Acrylic finishes look awesome when the painted.

    Lacquer vs Acrylic Cabinets regarding Features


    A premium polished option favored for the top of the line cabinets, acrylic finishes can include visual space and an enticing interest to your kitchen.

    While Lacquer is accessible in glossy options, these are not as reflective as an acrylic finish. Therefore, the general look is quieter and less striking.

    Color and Varieties

    Acrylic finishes are accessible in an extensive variety of lively colors which hold their shade and brilliance for quite a long time.

    The variety accessible in Lacquer finishes is higher and incorporates matt, glossy, ultra polished. Aside from colors, these are likewise accessible in different textures including wood.

    Upkeep and Durability:

    Scratch resistant acrylic finishes do not discolor, de-colorise or fade away with time – they keep up their perfectly smooth and ultra-glossy appearance. In any case, this implies unique mark imprints, earth and stains are more obvious and require general cleaning.

    Moderately more hard-wearing and durable when compared to acrylic finishes, Lacquer finishes are moisture and heat resistant and can be treated for antibacterial properties.


    Given their stylish interest and simple to clean properties, acrylic finished cabinets are more expensive when compared to overlays.

    Lacquer finishes offer variety and strength at a significantly bring down cost, making them perfect for those on a budget.

    Either an acrylic or Lacquer Cabinet will do great for your home decor if you find the perfect match. In any case, lacquer chips too easily. The brittle way of lacquer makes it break when this happens. Acrylic is much stronger durable and offers a stunning appearance of your cabinets. Make an informed choice.