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  • Vinyl Cabinets Vs Wood

  • The cabinets are among the most important furniture in any kitchen, domestic or commercial as well as big or small. While choosing materials for your kitchen cabinet you should consider several things including their pros and cons. You will know difference between vinyl cabinet and wood cabinet through the information provided in this write-up.

    Vinyl kitchen cabinets

    If you are planning to renovate your kitchen then vinyl cabinet can provide it required face-lift instantly as vinyl is available in wide range of colour and textures to suit the environment of your kitchen. In fact acrylic is a non-toxic material that can provide highly glossy and smooth finish to all types of kitchens in various colours and textures.

    Types of acrylic cabinets

    Normally two types of acrylic cabinets are in use. Cabinet with solid acrylic door and cabinets with acrylic faced doors. Being entirely made of acrylic the former one is costly than later one. The cost of cabinet with acrylic faced door. These cabinets are normally made of MDF wood and a sheet of acrylic is pasted on its exterior to protect it from wears and tears.

    Pros and cons of acrylic kitchen cabinets

    Though acrylic cabinets are popularly used as inexpensive alternative of traditional wood cabinets still they have their own pros and cons like any other product.


    Acrylic provides attractive and glossy look to your kitchen cabinet

    Its hard wearing nature protects your cabinet for long

    You can choose its colour and texture as per the decor of your kitchen due to its availability in wide range of colours and textures.

    The look of your cabinet remains long lasting

    Resists UV light, scratches and moisture

    Easy to clean with water and mild soap

    Can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water


    Its glossy surface looks dirty easily with dirt stains and finger prints. So it has to be cleaned regularly

    The acrylic with premium finish is a bit costlier than other finish types.

    The shade of colour may not match suitable while replacing after few years.

    Wood cabinets

    The top choice of most homeowners is wood cabinet due to its availability in various types of finishes and colours. But while using them in your new home or renovating your kitchen you should now pros and cons of wood cabinet to take a well informed decision.

    Pros and cons of wooden cabinets


    Wood cabinets are easy to repair and long lasting

    They are available in various wood types, colours, finishes and styles,

    They can be modified easily as per the decor of your kitchen

    You can give them new look easily just by repainting or re-staining them


    The installation of wood cabinets is a bit expensive than that of other types of cabinets.

    The creation and installation of customised or non-customised wood cabinets take a bit longer time than acrylic or acrylic faced cabinets

    It can warp with time due to its sensitivity for weather changes as in humid environment it can contract and expand frequently.

    Thus the information provided in this write-up can help you in choosing between vinyl cabinet vs wood cabinet for your home or restaurant kitchen.